Horrible Bosses

We have all heard the expression bosses from hell. But I myself experience a boss from hell. He was the worst boss to ever walk the face of the earth. He took the company over after the death of the owner. Everything was fine for a while till her started changing thing everyday. Every money he would have a new procedure added to the other procedures. He was also a micro-manager. Nothing was done in the company without him approving or having an input in it! It is good for bosses to know what is happening in the company but when your need to be control affects employees productivity and morale something needs to change. He refused to hire an Indian job candidate because he looked like a terrorist”. He hated women and I am a woman likely or in my case unlikely I was hired by the owner before he passed away. He often referred to me as the “cash cow”. When I found out the “cash cow” comment that did it for me. To cut the story short the company has suffered and many of my coworkers left the company. I finally could not take it and I finally quit!

What exactly is a boss from hell? There are different types of bosses from hell. Their are those bosses who are abusive to their employees and then their are just crazy bosses as those represented in the movie Horrible Bosses. In the movie three friends, played by Bateman, Day, and Sudeikis, decide to murder their respective overbearing, abusive bosses, portrayed by Spacey, Aniston and Farrell. I am not advocating for anyone to kill their Horrible bosses but the movie gives us a look at how bosses can harass their employees to a point of a total mental meltdown.

Any abuse at work is against the law. The law states that is isUnlawful harassment is a form of discrimination that violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and other federal authority. The best way to deal with a boss from Hell is find another job. Sometimes taking a pay cut is better that abusive from anyone. Secondly, you can report the matter to the HR department if you are working in a much larger company.
Thirdly, their are great resources online that can help you find ways to report your employer. Also make sure you document everything that happens to you because it is easy to solve a problem when you have everything written down. Sometimes recording the phone calls (Check with your state laws on recording other people), saving the emails and text messengers can be very helpful.
Just remembered no one should abuse you! Look for a better job. Goodluck!
I left the company and I started my own take that Boss from Hell!!

The Night We Tried to Get a Poet Arrested

Vox Populi

I remember the night my friend and I tried to get a poet arrested
for his crimes against literature, his hiding
of horribly sentimental lines by speaking like a seller
of cheap real estate, those broken down houses
where everything and everyone leaks, in neighborhoods
divided by the tornado roar of long, slow trains, night and day.
It was just poetry, I know, words arranged like a landscape
of dark trees against the, whatever, azure sky,
but why should he escape punishment like the stealers
of poor people’s minority fortunes, the rule makers
who make us break our backs at hard labor
while they sit up high in penthouse suites
eating their feasts, drinking the best wine,
as they sneer at the riff-raff drawing heavy strings
and pushing square wheels along concrete floors
in the moldy basement, thump thump?
We called the police. “There he is,” I said,
“at the…

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How I made a “Vegas lady” disappear from a Boys Weekend trip.


We all agree that sometimes men can be a a little crazy when they are all together. About two years ago I got a phone call from a guy I will call him “Mark”. Mark called me with a big problem. To me big problems involve a cracked wedding video or DVD or sometimes a ruined old VHS where the someone poured coffee all over the tape. So I listen to Mark as he poured his heart out I realize that his problems were worse than thought. It was nothing like a ruined wedding video.

Mark and his “boys” ended up in  Vegas. Which involved beer, beer and more beer! With the need to document everything that happens in our lives Mark and his friends documented everything with pictures and videos. Mark was in a panic because his wife wanted to see the pictures and see how they all spend the weekend. According to Mark he was avoiding his wife because she wanted to see the pictures. According to Mark one of his old friend ended up in Vegas. . As the phone call continued I had a figured out why “Mark” was panicking it was Thursday and the weekend was approaching very quickly and soon the wife would want to see the pictures and all the videos.

We set up an appointment for that evening since he was willing to sell a kidney to get the videos edited. When he showed up he gave me a big hug and kept saying “You are a life saver”. This is what I was born to do heck I am literally saving two lives and marriage will be saved. As I opened the pictures I could see the reason why Mark was so eager to get the pictures and the footage edited. A particular lady was pretty much all over him on almost every picture. So I deleted those pictures! From the pictures I could tell she had more plastic than actual flesh.

As I started editing the footage Mark started explaining his situation and telling me more about the woman in the pictures. The lady was the his wife’s sister. She relocated to California after Mark’s wife suspected the two of sleeping together.  I did not say a word I just listed and nodded as he convinced me that they were friends. I was thinking If you two are just friend why are you panicking but it doesn’t concern me.  Mark told me that one of his friends invited her for the weekend and he could not just hangout alone since they all come together. My job was to just have the “Vegas lady” disappear. I didn’t ask anymore questions about the “Vegas lady” we just talked about elections, Vegas and his business. Apparently he owns one of the biggest car lots in the state. He tried selling me a vehicle which I did not need but as a good business minded person I promise to go see him soon.

It took me a couple of hours to erase the “Vegas Lady”.  Mark was happy and I was happy.I felt bad for the wife but who am I to judge. I am just doing my job.

After he left I started thinking if everyone was taking pictures and recording the “boys weekend away” then the wife will one day find out what happened in Vegas but for me I kept my end of the deal. I don’t know her and she doesn’t know me. Even if I wanted to tell her “Mark” never gave me a last name, paid in cash and made sure I deleted everything and cleaned my trash.

All I can say I hope he changes…